Truth about the “C” Vaccine

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Session

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C = Client

M = Mini (AURA Practitioner)

By this time the client has visited a past life. Post death the soul is moving up into the clouds…

M: Let’s follow your soul to see where it is your soul goes from here. Describe everything that you sense and feel and see. Keep going and describe what you see.

C: Feel like I’m going up into the clouds. Feel like I’m going out into outer space. That seems right. I see the stars in the dark and I see a gray planet.

M: You see a planet?

C: Yeah, it’s like a dark gray planet.

M: Do you recognize this planet?

C: I’m getting Mars.

M: Do you feel you want to go towards this planet? What do you feel? What do you sense as a soul? Where do you have to go from here? 

C: I feel like I have to go back on that planet a little bit. I see craters. It’s like dark gray- brown, but I see the planet now.

M: Describe what you see once you’re there.

C: Uh! I just sense that it’s cold. Don’t know what I’d be doing on that planet! Think I have to work there for a little bit.

M: What kind of work do you have to do?

C: Like there’s a lot of machines. It Feels like it’s almost like a factory.

M: Let’s go along and see what it is that you do here on this planet, since you said that you feel you need to visit it and work there. You’re there. Now what do you see? What do you sense?

C: I feel like I have to work on this planet. It’s like a factory of some sort. They’re putting things together. It looks like an assembly line.

M: Who are the “they”?

C: The other people on this planet. It’s like we’re wearing latex. It’s like a black type of suit, like a spacesuit. But like a shiny suit.

M: Is everyone wearing it?

C: Yeah. Everyone’s wearing it.

M: Are you wearing it too?

C: I guess I’m wearing it too. (to disguise) What it looks like, it’s form fitting and it goes up to your neck. It’s very plain. We wear boots, black boots with laces. Looks like… (trying to describe)

M: Do they look like military boots?

C: Yeah, they look like military boots.

M: Are you wearing the black suit too or are you in spirit? Do you have a body here?

C: I can’t tell if I have a body here. Yeah, I think I have a body. I’m wearing the same thing as they are.

M: This factory, what is it doing? What are these people working on?

C: Feel like they’re packaging something, putting things together.

M: You can see and sense everything very clearly, very clearly. What does it –

C: I feel like it’s a factory but it’s nothing for good. It’s for bad. (starts to get nervous with the energies there)

M: You can sense everything and know everything very clearly. You can see exactly what they’re packaging in this factory and what they do. Describe what you see. You’re invisible and you’re there now.

C: Yeah, okay. So I feel like it’s something for stuff that they’re putting in…  to put into our bodies. It’s not good.

M: It’s stuff that they would put into whose bodies?

C: Our bodies.

M: Human bodies?

C: Yeah. Feels like it’s how they track us. Yeah that’s how they track us. 

M: Describe the factory and exactly how it works. What are they doing? 

C: Yeah, so it’s a very cold, cold factory. I see conveyor belts, it’s technologies. Putting technologies into vials. Yeah, so I see the technologies that are being put in are shot into these vials. And then the vials are getting put together. And then these are what they shoot into the humans.

M: These people that are all around in the black suits? Do they look like they’re organic souls? Do they look like any particular race?

C: (Gets very uncomfortable) I get that they look evil. Like, Greys. I keep getting Greys?

M: Mm-hmm.

C: They’re putting these together.

M: How are they going to put these into the humans?

C: They put these into, like the vaccines, I think? 

M: What do you do next? What happens next?

C: I’m just watching. And I just see they’re packing these all up.

M: Once they’re packed, you said they put technology into… did you say files or vials?

C: Oh, they’re in vials.

M: Vials. And then how do they get these vials to the humans and into the vaccine? How do they put them into the vaccines?

C: It’s like, I can see them there. But humans can’t see them. There’s just like, it’s like all these little, tiny-tiny technologies. Not just one one big technology that you put in. But these are like, hundreds of these little vials that we can just see. And so they’re inserted. It’s like a shot. It just flows and you could just see them all flow. Just like… something like shooting out and they just go fast. They get dispersed.

M: They’re shooting these tiny technologies, you said there are hundreds of types of technologies. Do they shoot them into the vaccine bottles? Or do they shoot them into the people directly while they’re getting the vaccination?

C: They’re in the vaccine bottles, which shoot into the people. So these hundreds of little technologies, they get shot in them, fast. It just propels and it goes, spreads all through the bloodstreams.

M: Before it goes into the bloodstream if you can step back and see the process of injecting these technologies into the vaccines, how does that happen? Because vaccines would be produced in factories here with scientists and other workers. At what stage do they put these technologies into the vaccines?

C: So those technologies, they get put into these little vials there and then here, they get put in with the liquid or they’re merged in. You can’t see it as it doesn’t look different with the human eye but you can see it’s all merged together with that liquid. So those hundreds (negative technologies) are still intact. And then when it shoots, it blends. When it shoots in, that’s how those nanotechnologies – they spread. 

M: And these people that are working; the scientists, the laboratory workers and the researchers, are they aware of this nanotechnology? Negative nano technology?

C: The doctors don’t know, but not all the researchers are aware either. Just a select few. There’s some people who are not told explicitly, but they know. And they don’t say anything, but they’re just not going to get the vaccines.

M: They’re not going to get the vaccines themselves, these people that know?!

C: Yeah, they don’t say anything, though. They don’t tell people (saddened) they know this, though. They know that even though they haven’t been told.

M: Yes. So who physically takes the nanotechnology? Who physically inserts the nanotechnology into the vaccines? Do these people in black arrive here? Or do they do it through the scientists?

C: No, they do it through the scientists. The scientists! Yes. But not all of them are told. Not all of them are told in the company. They’re not all told, when they’re putting everything together. 

M: These black uniform beings that you saw are they related to these people (on Earth) that know about the negative technology in vaccines?

C: They work together. Even though they’re not human, they don’t look human. They work together. I don’t know why? They don’t say anything.

M: The ones dressed in the black uniforms do they have eyes? Can you see their eyes and their souls? Do they have souls?

C: So dark. They’re dark. They are so dark. I don’t know why they would do this.

M: Who physically gives this nanotechnology to the scientists that are aware of it? You’re there now you can see and sense very clearly.

C: I feel like it’s a small, small group of people. I don’t know who they are.

M: Are they the same race as the one that you saw with darkness in their soul, and you couldn’t see the soul?

C: I feel like, it’s not the same race, they do have more light than the other black suit beings. But they’re still very dark.

M: So once this vaccine is injected into people, just take a look and see what exactly happens when this vaccine goes into the bloodstream.

C: It poisons the whole blood stream. They can be tracked wherever they go. These people will know all the time what they’re doing. 

M: What is it supposed to do, this nanotechnology that they’ve put in? What is the purpose of it? What does it do to the human body, mind and soul? As you can see very clearly. 

C: I feel like it takes over. It’s similar to even just the technology that you wear on your hands where it tracks your heart rate and your sleeping habits. It feels like it’s the same type of technology but it runs through the bloodstream. It’s not good. These technologies can control everything. 

M: What does it do to the brain of the person?

C: In the brain it trains them, trains them how to act appropriately. Appropriately to how those individuals want them to act. 

M: And how do they want these individuals to act? What do they want to do to these individuals and these souls?

C: They want to control them. They want to control. So they speak according to how they want them to speak and how they want them to think.

M: What does it do to the heart of the person as the heart is the seat of the soul? What  does it do there? Does it have any impact on the soul?

C: Yes. It takes over.

M: In what sense does it take over?

C: Takes over their good and free will. They’re  unable to make good/better choices.

M: They’re unable to make better choices?

C: Yes, for their highest good. Because it would benefit others, it’ll benefit those individuals that are controlling them that those whose soul it is. 

M: Is there anything else you want to share about this?

C : We need to speak out. This is not good.

M: Do they do this to all the vaccines or a select few?

C: I’m getting that this is how it’s always been with vaccines. This is how it’s been packaged that way in terms of the technologies. But, this one – this one is bad! Because this one takes over. 

M: This one that you’re seeing right now is it related to any particular disorder or disease?

C: Feels like it’s the one that’s for the COVID. I don’t know why I know this. But I know this now, that’s what I’m getting.

M: Thank you for sharing. What does it do to the DNA of the person, the organic DNA?

C: Feels Like it changes it. It changes it to how the people who want to control want it to be.

M: Thank you for sharing. 

(Higher Self called in)

M: Greetings, welcome. I thank you, love you, honor you and respect you. Thank you for being here today and for taking us through this experience. May I ask you questions now? 

Higher Self: Greetings, Yes.

M: You took her to the gray planet. Why is it that her soul got pulled to that gray planet?

Higher Self: To teach her to educate people. She researches so much about the vaccines. She wants to keep herself safe and everyone else safe. Her family is taking it. Her brother is taking the vaccine. He has taken one dose. And to tell people, she did not want to talk about this. She was fighting it.

M:  Now that you have shown her what exactly is going into this particular vaccine for the Covid (And also you said it goes into other vaccines as well but this one is more lethal than others.) Do you think this is something that she should be educating people of?

Higher Self: Yes. People need to know.

M:  Is she scared of being judged?

Higher Self:  Yes.

M: What do you say about that?

Higher Self: Scared of what people might say and the backlash but she needs to speak her truth.

M: Yes. Is there anything else Higher Self that you want to mention apart from the experience you showed her? 

Higher Self: You’re so strong. That’s it!

M: Beautiful. 

End of excerpt of session.

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