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Looking to join the “Isis Priestess/Priest” mentorship course Live instead, which contains these classes below? Open enrollment is every year in May and November. Click here to join Tier 2 on Patreon.Classes & Certifications included in the ‘Isis Priestess/Priest‘ course are as follows:

  • “Magical Creatures Alchemy”
  • “Third Eye & 12 Chakra Alchemy”
  • “13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy” 
  • “Crystals, Candles, Oils Alchemy”
  • “Dream Interpretation & Sacred Sex Alchemy”
  • Quantum Alchemy Channeling” Certification
  • “Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing” Certification

Crystals Candles & Oils Alchemy

The art of alchemy in use of crystals, herbs, oils and candle magic. Putting to action some of what you have learned from our other alchemy classes. Alchemy symbols learning how to heal and manifest with your divine creator energy. A blend of teachings from each alchemy class from the “Isis Priestess/Priest‘ mentorship course.

Class consists of:

  • 4 1/2 hrs of pre-recorded classes
  • “The Moon ” and the divine power of “The Pyramids” alchemy symbols
  • sacred Mayan teachings
  • sound and symbol alchemy working with guided meditation, chants, chakras, spiritual basics with crystals
  • the potentials of connecting to the divine power of crystal consciousnesses, and all the beauties that come with
  • crystals 101, cleanse, charge, crystal grids, and crystals not of this Earth
  • manifesting through the elements
  • working with crystals, candles, and oils magic on a daily basis
  • fertility, transmutation, energetic rebirth, clear negative energies, activation upon souls blueprints, working with elements, abundance, manifestation, and  heart healing…
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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 19 Topics