Isis Priestess/Priest 6 Month Course (Online)

Remember the sacredness to what it was to be a High Priestess or Priest in The Essenes, Mu, Atlantis, Greece & Egypt! This is a beautiful course focused upon Sacred Symbol and Sound Alchemy working and activating your 12 strands of DNA, and 12 chakras. Created with the sacred intention of teaching you to self heal and activate your crystalline bodies formation into the 5D/The New Earth of your organic timelines of ascension.

To watch a Testimonial Video from the Isis Priestess Students click here.

Teachings stemming forth of forgotten sacred knowledge from The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Greece, The Inner Earth. It is a beautiful collaboration in union with a diverse team of Benevolent Guides from Sophia/Kryst, Arcturians, Archangels/Elohim/Seraphim, Inner Earth. Classes are prerecorded allowing to watch when convenient and to keep for your records.

Classes & Certifications:

  • “Magical Creatures Alchemy”
  • “Third Eye & 12 Chakra Alchemy”
  • “13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy” 
  • “Crystals, Candles, Oils Her Alchemy”
  • “Dream Interpretation & Sacred Sex Alchemy”
  • “Quantum Alchemy Channeling” Certification
  • “Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing” Certification
  • 1 hr one on one training Class with Aurora receiving your Key of where your Higher Self aids universally and Q & A you may have. Not having to share your training time with others.
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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons
  • 39 Topics