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Remember the sacredness and honor to what it was to be a High Priestess or Priest, in some of the most pivotal moments of Earth’s Histories. In the times of The Essenes, Lemuria, Atlantis, Greece & Egypt… This profound course activates your divine soul remembrance. The key being YOU. It is YOU, who through this sacred course self activates, self-attunes, through ‘Sacred Symbol Alchemy Work’. Activating and crystallizing your 12/13 DNA strands, 12/13 chakras, and all that glory that comes with activating your souls abilities and gifts. Created intentionally, teaching you to self-heal, bringing online your crystalline bodies, in preparation for the collectives Fifth Dimensional organic timeline of Ascension.

This course is a beautiful collaboration, in sacred union with a divine, diverse team of benevolent Guides stemming from Divine Mother Sophia, Father Kryst, Arcturians, The Christ Consciousness, The Essenes, Atlantean’s, Archangels/Elohim/Seraphim, Inner Earth, and Ascended Masters…

To watch a Testimonial Video from the Isis Priestess Students click here. Classes & Certifications:

  • “Magical Creatures Alchemy”
  • “Third Eye & 12 Chakra Alchemy”
  • “13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy” 
  • “Crystals, Candles, Oils Alchemy”
  • “Dream Interpretation & Sacred Sex Alchemy”
  • Quantum Alchemy Channeling” Certification
  • “Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing” Certification
  • One on one training class with Aurora and Q&A, receiving your Higher Selves Sacred Law/Key. Not having to share your training time with others.

To read details of each of these classes click here.  What is unique about this ‘Isis Priestess/Priest’ mentorship is that, you are not just learning how to self heal and activate, but you will also receive: 

  • 45 min, 1 on 1 class with AuroRa, focused on the mentorship of your spiritual development
  • Quantum Alchemy Channeling” Certification $255.55 Value
  • 42 Sacred Alchemy Symbols and how to work with them
  • Bonus – Infinity Viewing Symbol to amplify your clairvoyance at its greatest
  • Archangel 13 Key Star (the same one that Jesus/Yeshua works with)
  • the Archangels, their energies, their roles, Angel Alchemy Symbols
  • Alchemical break down of the Eye of Horus
  • how to create through ‘Sacred Sex’
  • Invisibility cloak and energy force fields.
  • open your hand chakras & “I AM Source Love-Light”.
  • activate to your third eye, psychic gifts, astral travel, telepathy, and bifurcation
  • to work in Delta & Theta Brainwaves through meditation/dream time
  • Channel your Higher Self & Benevolent Beings
  • to weave through lucid dreamtime and dream interpretation
  • 13 hours in class videos
  • to raise, balance your frequency and vibration, working with a Toroidal Sphere
  • to work with Magical Creatures and their Alchemy symbols
  • to manifest with candle magic, oils, crystals…
  • become an energy, sound, symbol, Quantum Alchemist
  • Sound and symbol alchemy, through meditation, crystals, mantras.
  • How to connect with the benevolence of creation through frequencies, vibrations, signatures, your senses within your third-eye/indigo & heart/emerald rays.
  • How to activate your clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance…
  • Sacred Alchemy Symbols that you will receive are created for each of these chakras connecting your 12/13 crystalline strand DNA:
    1. The 6th Chakra, the symbol from Egypt, awakening, activating, and aligning your 6 senses.
    2. The 7th Chakra, the symbol of Creation, creating the beginning of a strong connection to your Higher Self and the Cosmic Gateway of infinite knowledge.
    3. The 8th Chakra, Inner Earth Star symbol, activates your spiritual skills and your divine love. Amplifying your 6 senses. 
    4. The 9th chakra, will help awaken your soul’s blueprint, skills, your abilities. It will start awakening memories/knowingness from your past/future lifetimes. It starts activating your clairs. (clairaudience etc.)
    5. The 10th chakra helps you with completion, creativity/creational flow. Helps you gain your sovereignty back.
    6. The 11th chakra. It advances your spiritual skills. This is when you start working with telepathy, bilocation, telekinesis, and astral travel.
    7. The 12th chakra. The Angelic Elohim 12 point star, Elder 13 Keys star. Connecting to the 12 DNA strands, Cosmic Gateway, Earth chakras, Earth’s Ley Lines, Cosmic Webbing, and our Galactic Origin. 
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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • 40 Topics