Mentorship Certifications 6 Month Course | AURA | RAAH | Isis Priestess Online

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Technique

Consisting of:

  • “The 13 Keys Archangels Star” Alchemy classes complimentary ($133.33 value, the same Star Jesus works within The Essenes)
  • 111 hours of training material and live 1 on 1 classes
  • With this purchase, you will receive 22% off all services Aurora offers including RAAH Certification with an exception of an AURA or RAAH session or Retreat Certifications
  • Training and Session Guide Books electronically
  • At your choosing, you are able to select your 45 min, one on one training classes with Aurora on Wednesday, Fridays, and Sundays daytime on an application called Zoom, not having to share your training time with others.
  • Recorded teachings and raw A.U.R.A. Session videos of clients, from beginning to end. To listen and study at your own convenience.
  • Week by week you get to choose in your comfort level, once you are ready for the next class with Aurora.
  • Once your 2nd, one on one class with Aurora has been completed you will receive your A.U.R.A. certification!
  • 3rd class is Mentored by Aurora, on A.U.R.A. completed sessions you’ve done. Challenges that came up, additional questions, further expansion needed…
  • Support group where practitioners get to interact safely on their sessions through (membership fee required)

R.A.A.H./Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing

  • To become a Quantum Alchemist, work with Sacred Alchemy and energies
  • To expand and connect to your third eye/pineal gland and hand chakras
  • To work with alchemy techniques using energy work on yourself and clients
  • To remove negative entities from people, animals, homes, and the land
  • Balance blocked or misaligned chakras, issues with auric field, negative cords, negative implants, trauma from a current or past life.
  • To learn how to expand upon your own gifts
  • How to use ancient Alchemy teachings from The Essenes, Atlantis, Greece, and Egypt
  • To be attuned to the Phoenix Fire transmutation energies, so that you may use when clients need further aid in releasing negative energies
  • To activate your “I AM Source Light” and your very own Merkaba
  • How to conduct a detailed body scan on the client to heal

Certification Isis Priestess/Priest | Quantum Alchemy Channeling & Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing

Remember the sacredness to what it was to be a High Priestess or Priest in The Essenes, Mu, Atlantis, Greece & Egypt! This is a beautiful course focused upon Sacred Symbol and Sound Alchemy working and activating your 12 strands of DNA, and 12 chakras. Created with the sacred intention of teaching you to self heal and activate your crystalline bodies formation into the 5D/The New Earth of your organic timelines of ascension.

Teachings stemming forth of forgotten sacred knowledge from The Essenes, Egypt, Atlantis, Greece, The Inner Earth. It is a beautiful collaboration in union with a diverse team of Benevolent Guides from Sophia/Kryst, Arcturians, Archangels/Elohim/Seraphim, Inner Earth.
 Classes & Certifications:

  • “Magical Creatures Alchemy”
  • “Third Eye & 12 Chakra Alchemy”
  • “13 Keys Star Archangels Alchemy” 
  • “Crystals, Candles, Oils Her Alchemy”
  • “Quantum Alchemy Channeling” Certification
  • “Quantum Alchemy Energy Healing” Certification
  • 45 min one on one training class with Aurora receiving your Key of where your Higher Self aids universally and Q & A you may have. Not having to share your training time with others.

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Course Includes

  • 27 Lessons
  • 139 Topics