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Hello, I was inspired to become AURA/RAAH certified in 2019. Having done more than 100 Aura regression hypnosis sessions I love this work and the amazing healings that I witness. I look forward to every session. Being a Registered Nurse for 30 yrs with 13yrs as a Psych Nurse I thought I had chosen my path even though it wasn’t fulfilling me because I don’t agree with most of mainstream medical  practices. Facilitating Aura sessions has given me the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy. I continue to expand my intuitive awareness in every session. I am so inspired by the transformations and healings that I see during my Aura sessions. For many people this is their first time to experience the energy and communication with the Archangels and their higher self. Each session is unique, as we    are all individuals at different points along the journey.
We are now able to assist the client in healing the effects of the Covid Vaccine and assist in reconnecting the client with their higher self. If you would like to see my hypnosis videos my YouTube channel is: Aura hypnosis with Alicia.

I would be honored to facilitate an Aura hypnosis healing session for you if you are drawn to me. My website is:

I live in Lakeside Arizona.

Feel free to email me any questions that you have through this website or my website:

Aura Sessions. $277.77 no vaccine.

$344.44 with vaccine.

RAAH Sessions. $110.00  I do not do vaccine removal during Raah Sessions.

Included in Aura Sessions includes Healing/Entity removal for the clients children and animals can be included in sessions. (With higher self approval).                                      Closing dark portals within the clients home will be done.



AURA Hypnosis, RAAH Reiki

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