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A.U.R.A. Hypnosis// R.A.A.H Reiki// Quantum Alchemy Channeling// ISIS Priestess// Quantum Galactic Akashic

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I welcome you with my infinite love ❤️ 


I AM a Daughter, Mother, Creator, Teacher, Healer, Divine Feminine working to fulfill my role here on Earth and to reach my soul oneness, aid the collective & Gaia in returning to unity once more. 


When you look back on your life you may realize how various events, meeting a certain person or visiting an important place has had a profound purpose for your experience. We are all working on our soul journey.
As you have been brought to my heart, you may feel ready to delve into your multi-dimensional soul journey and heal/remove any negative energy & importantly unplug from the matrix.

An AURA session will help you on your next phase of your journey. I would love to be the bridge to aid you in your evolution.



I have been shown my creation story through my higher self, guides, and through the aid of A.U.R.A. It is a truly empowering feeling. We can learn to recognize and flow with this guidance we receive, then carry on accessing our own soul knowledge on a daily basis.  Once you access your knowledge you then can find that enlightenment of love within your heart for self and all that is and you will walk forward on your organic timeline.


A profound stage of my journey began when I was guided to Aurora. I joined her 6-month mentorship programme A.U.R.A/R.A.A.H and ISIS Priestess Course. I am now a certified A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H practitioner and importantly a clear channel.



Each day, I integrate further into my higher self.

How very honoured I am to be here with you all on Earth in this time of Earth’s ascension to 5th Dimension/Frequency & the potential for consciousness to rise to the 13th & even beyond that!


I would love to aid you with your soul’s evolution. I am not your saviour I am simply a bridge, it’s a self-heal process with Your own I AM LOVE LIGHT!


I am an A.U.R.A Practitioner, R.A.A.H Reiki Practitioner & Clear Channel.


I am based in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, offering Online sessions or in-person sessions.

Have a look at my website, , for further information if you feel my energy resonates with you.

Or check out my Youtube channel  for session videos


Veluvia  Clare xx


AURA Hypnosis, RAAH Reiki

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United Kingdom

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