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Kali Marlier
I highly recommend Raven for either RAAH Reiki or AURA Hypnosis. I had an AURA session with her and she guided me through several past lives, each one was very important to me. She seems to know just the right questions to ask for the development of these past life stories to unfold. I got so much out of each one of them! She holds lots of experience as a healer and has always treated me with deep kindness and care. I feel very well supported when working with her and know that her big heart is full of love.
I just had my Aura session with Donna and she is amazingly thorough! I am so grateful I got a session from her and plan to do some tune ups in the future. Donna is a beautiful soul and I'm so glad I booked my session with her. I'm releasing all that was bothering me and I am feeling so much better. So again. Thank you!💗
Sandra Inman
I had the most extraordinary past life session with Donna which answered so many questions that I'd been asking myself. Through these journeys, I discovered why I do the work I'm doing and why I've held myself back in the past. I'd been reluctant to fully embrace my path oscillating between going on and even giving up. Through the experiences and wisdom that I gained from the session, I realised why I've had to walk my path the way I have. Since the session, I have noticed an increase in my physical and emotional energy. I'm approaching my work with more enthusiasm and inspiration. For anyone who is questioning their life purpose or path I totally recommend you work with Donna.
I’m blessed and grateful for Donna’s touching hands. She has helped me deal with chronic pain and other related illnesses including cancerous polyps, with Reiki and Chakra Tuning Forks. Most recently, I had an Aura session related to a trauma I have been caring. The experience was magnificent. I prepared myself just like she told me, thinking I was going to face my demons. Instead I had the most subliminal experience. I saw my past and future lives, with all the beautiful blessings. Saw myself in a human and non-human forms. Went through different worlds and the vast of the universe, and I understood that this lifetime isn’t about focusing my life on physical or mental pain. But a opening awakening to a beautiful future. To released my chains and live with love. Since that day, my heart has experience a full content and peace. I can’t praise her enough for the changes in my life. She has guided me and helped me heal. I can only pray for the oneness of the universe to bless her times three for her unconditional love and kindness. She’s the most caring human being. If there were something more of five stars I would gladly give it them to her. Because I believe she deserves so much more.
I highly recommend you to let her heal your body and your soul. She’s and angel on Mother’s Earth…
Gina Bengtson
Meeting Donna AKA Raven for the first time was like revisiting an old friend! I met her through my co-host Mama D, Being very much drawn to her, we had her as a guest on our show! Prior to the show, we both did A.U.R.A. sessions with with her! It was an amazing adventure, some things I knew about my past lives through other types of regressions however this brought some closures and, pretty incredible answers with a very unique journey to where I believe the akashic records were being written!
This was an answer I have been looking for for years, because this was a place I had seen during a meditation to find a spirit guide. As I went further into a cave, I saw a light piercing through the wall which I've been peeled away the stones to reveal a field of foxes, keeping me where I was but able to witness a being at an alter with a very large glowing book (that facing away from me, long hair, long robes, I knew it was a higher being to my core, I knew I had to be quiet, I felt as though I should not be witnessing, as it turned to me it had the face almost lion-like and he looked at me and then turned back to the book and I went back into the cave!)
The fox has been my guide ever since, but now through Raven and through the experience I had with her I know what that being is and what the book was! It was a fascinating amazing journey when I saw I will never forget!
And having Archangel Raphael's help was beyond amazing!
Thank you Donna, you are forever in my life now, a friend and a Fox Den family member, I cannot wait to have another session with you!