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Natalie Lord
I had a beautiful Galactic Akashic reading reading with Aurora. I felt I was held in a safe loving energy and the messages I received allowed me to reconnect to the multiple aspects of my soul. And to many past lives As with all our soul journeys, there are reflections, periods and situations of light and dark. She helped me identify patterns, trauma, programming and soul contracts that it would be better for me to release so that I could be free to be my true self. She also confirmed so many things about my situation and myself that I can now release and work on! Aurora wishes to help you release and heal anything in or around you that is negative, inorganic or dark so that you may fully embrace your divine light and re-create your organic path/timeline. Thank you for being part of my journey Aurora and for reminding me of my inner light!. In learning to create from the heart (And not from fear) may we ALL re-connect and live from our true state of joy! Thank you Aurora for sharing your wisdom and light with me and for shinning your light out into the world! Veluuuuvia! Love and blessings
Natalie x
Rashonda M.
Doing the AURA hypnosis with Aurora was lifting. I was able to tap into a heaviness I’ve carried in my soul for many life times. For me a big part of that was the safe atmosphere she purposefully creates. As she was insuring the shields over our session, I felt such a depth of safety that I just started having heavy memories flood my mind that resulted in me having a huge emotional release that I could feel in my whole body. It was a full body cry. Right after our session I felt a burst of lightness and I felt more clear. The following day and half I was so exhausted. It was like my whole body ached from the work out of the work I just did (similar to child birth/delivery body soreness). I know I’m forever changed and touched by the magic that happened during my session with Aurora and I look forward to learning more with her in my near future.
Michelle Lee
Aurora is of the most highest divine light inside and out. There is not words to put it into place in all the highest love light protection and upgrades and clearings that takes place during a session with Aurora. I am speechless and will be returning To do more and continue to do more work with Aurora. Thank you my dear sister. I love you and I am deeply grateful!!!
Ruth R
The Quantum Galactic Akashic reading is a gift one gives to oneself, or really Source gives to you, through you. I have re-listened to the 45 minute video a few times, and each time I hear and remember a little more of the dozens of mind-blowing details that Aurora brought through from my other selves/ lives, including Ra and Green Tara figure. It's a reading I will continue to revisit and cherish, for encouragement, centering, guidance, and activations. Since the reading 6 weeks ago, I have established an easy and joyful morning meditation/ listening practice for the first time in my life, and overall feel so validated and encouraged on my path thanks to what she shared.
Ifraj W.
I recently experienced an A.U.R.A hypnosis healing session with Aurora. I’m not sure what to say except wow! What an amazing experience full of self-discovery and healing. I must admit I was nervous before the session started but Aurora and I talked and she made me feel at ease and explained the process. She provides good tips and strategies before the session begins so that you get the most out of the experience. I was fortunate enough to be able to experience an in-person session with her and the “sacred space” we were in was so soothing and perfect for the session. I felt transformed immediately after the experience and days later I continue to receive downloads and discover new information about myself. I am abundantly grateful for my healing experience with Aurora. A bonus perk is you receive a recording of your session for continued reflection and healing. If you’re thinking of booking with her, don’t hesitate!
I am so thankful for finding and connecting with Aurora! The sacred teachings she shares through her courses and YouTube channel have truly changed my life. All these beautiful teachings and healings helped me to step out of the inverted matrix, know how to stay on my organic path, how to heal and protect myself and my family and pets, how to remember myself and heal and transmute inorganic timeliness, how to be a powerful free and sovereign being, and the list goes on and on!!! Aurora is so beautiful and empowering; and is truly amazing to work with. I feel so blessed everyday for these beautiful gifts of remembrance of who we truly are and what we came here to do. Thank you Aurora! Veluvia ❤❤❤
Robin Doss
my session with Aurora turned out to be much more than what I could have dreamed for. She is fiercely dedicated in what she does and she doesn’t leave any stones unturned. she created a detailed, safe, calm, loving environment for the deepest parts of me could surface organically.
It’s worth the investment not only financially but, so much more than that. It was a true healing experience and opened my heart even more.
I thank you Aurora for your infinite divine love you have for humanity and being a clear channel. May you continue to spread your light.

Blessings sister.
I love you.
Feeling tears of joy after receiving such a deep experience doing the Galactic Akashic Opening Up the Third Eye Energy Reading with Aurora! Still integrating her transmissions that resonated profoundly deep within me. I know myself in a new life-changing way. It was both practical and multidimensional experience to know my core issues as well as my gifts and mission. A gift beyond measure for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you Aurora, may you be blessed a thousand-fold for all you give to the people and beyond xxoo
This rating is based on the information that I received during my Reading, that will benefit me and has benefit me already. Aurora was very helpful & her patience is admired. She doesn't make you feel rushed and she's gentle with her teachings. I shared with her about a scalp issue that I dealt with for almost 3 years and after my session with her on Friday I no longer feel the symptoms anymore. Also I shared with her I have a fear of driving because of all the accidents I've seen... I don't know what she did but when I drive now, I can't find that fear!!!! It feels good to be able to drive without fear or worry! I didn't know how long I was going to be like "that" but after my session I noticed these issues were gone! For MY experience the medical intuitive analysis I received was right on the target. I had all my questions ready and I'm so glad that I reached out to her! Submitted by Retired Techie on Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
I had a morning session with Aurora and it was my first ever reading. She verified a lot of the things I was feeling and she even told me about my dragon. She found the spirit of a young boy in my apartment which was cool because I always felt I was not alone. I highly recommend her services, she is very talented and patient. She is awesome! Submitted by Toya on Thursday, Feb 15, 2018
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