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Sneak Preview “Galactic Soul History of the Universe” Book 2

Session #332: Recorded in January 2021. 

Never before shared.

In this online A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session, Lisa finds herself on a magical planet, shakened by the situation that is occurring and trying to assist life within it. Through this session we learn much of how a planet energetically truly interacts organically with all that is consisted through the natures of it. We also learn much of the compromise that is occurring within the carrying fetuses/souls of mothers’ wombs, and the war on consciousness. The battle in maintaining our DNA and soul organically intact. This chapter prepares us for the next two dynamic chapters to come, in this very special preview of Book 2.


 Honor the water that is inside of you and around you. The water that you can see and don’t see. Honor from your heart. Your heart has a song. And let the water heal you. It has that ability. If you allow it to connect to your heart, if you don’t block it, if you allow your heart to direct the water. Your heartbeat connects to the song of the whales. If you allow, they can reach your hearts because they reach the whole planet. There isn’t anything that they don’t sense or can’t feel on your planet.”



L: [Lisa] The ground feels like the texture of a tree, but more like the texture of a rock.

A: [Aurora] Have you landed on the ground yet?

L: Yes.

A: Look at yourself. Do you feel like you have a body?

L: Yes, I feel like I have a body.

A: Look down at your feet. How many toes do you have?

L: Looks like one. It’s just like two feet without toes.

A: Look at your hands. Do you have any fingers?

L: Yes, they can separate.

A: Look at your skin tone. What color is your skin tone?

L: It’s glimmery, like a silvery green.

A: Do you feel like you’re female or male? Or both?

L: Like a female more.

A: Are you wearing any clothing?

L: Mm… No.

A: You’re able to see and sense your face very clearly. What does your face look like?

L: (laughs) It looks a little bit like a cat? (laughs more loudly) I see cheeks and a little nose (continues to laugh).

A: Beautiful. Tell me why you’re laughing.

L: The image surprised me.

A: How about your ears? What do your ears look like?

L: They’re smooth. They look like our ears.

A: Are they big or are they small? 

L: No, they’re medium sized.

A: How about your eyes? How do they look?

L: They’re medium size as well. Round.

A: What color are they?

L: They’re brown.

A: Are you wearing any jewelry?

L: No.

A: Is there anything you’re carrying with you?

L: No.

A: Look all around you. Describe what it looks like where you’ve landed. Where you are at.

L: It feels like a planet and the floor feels like a tree. The ground is like the texture of a tree.

A: Bark like a tree?

L: Yes.

A: How about the skies. Are there skies?

L: I get the sense that I’m now in a box? Or locked…(pauses)?

A: You feel like you’re locked within this barky planet?

L: Yes, no, it feels like I can’t look around me because I’m locked.

A: Okay, let’s see what’s encasing you. What is it?

L: It’s like a metal box.

A: Are you able to see any designs on it? Anything that stands out within this box?

L: No.

A: Are you able to stand up in the box?

L: Yes.

A: Can you move around in there?

L: Yes, lightly. 

A: Is this box big or small?

L: It’s medium. It’s not really big. And it’s not really small.

A: What does the material feel like? What is this box made of?

L: It’s thin but it’s like metal. It’s thin, but it’s sturdy.

A: Are you able to see through the box? Anything past it?

L: A little bit.

A:  Where can you see through it?

L: I tried to see through it and it felt like I could see through it and then… I can’t focus.

A: It’s okay. Within this box, is there any light coming in?

L: No. I mean, my skin…

A: Your skin holds light within it?

L: Yeah.

A: How do you feel in this box? What are your feelings being in this box?

L: Oh my stomach is a little bit shaky. I don’t like it. But the ground is from the planet.

A: Okay, so it’s just the top and the sides are metal and the ground is the planet. 

L: Mm-hmm.

A: Are you the only one in this box?

L: Yes.

A: Let’s go to right before you’re placed in this situation, before you’re in this box. Let’s see how it is that you ended up in this box. We’re going there now. You’re there now. Tell me what’s going on.

L: Yeah, I just landed on the planet because the planet called me here.

A: How did you land on the planet?

L: I just appeared. I just kind of flew and appeared here.

A: Keep moving in time and space. After you’ve landed, tell me why you’re there. What do you do next of importance?

L: Well, I’m searching through(out) the planet and it seems like I’m starting to communicate with the planet. I’m just searching it because it called me here. I’m on the planet because the planet called me here.

A: Let’s keep moving the scene along, moving time. Tell me what happens next of importance?

L: I sense there are other things.

A: You sense other things? What do you mean?

L: Like other beings on the planet. They’re trying to take from the planet. I don’t know if they’re trying to get to the core of the planet.

A: Let’s go ahead and see what’s going on with what you’re sensing.

L: The ground, the tree is the ground; it is like a protective shield for the planet?

A: What is it that you want to do next? Do you want to go towards it and see where this is occurring? You’re able to go and remain invisible. Would you like to do that?

L: Yes.

A: Let’s go towards that direction where you feel that there are other beings. You’re there now. You’re invisible. They can’t sense or see you in any form. Tell me what you see?

L: It seems like they’re gathered and close to the ground, like kneeling? It’s like they’re trying to get through into the planet, trying to open it.

A: Tell me what these beings look like. 

L: I feel like I don’t want to quite look at their faces for some reason. 

A: What are they wearing?

L: I don’t think they’re wearing clothes. There are no clothes.

A: You don’t have to look at their faces. What about their skin tone?

L: Their skin tone looks like it’s gray.

A: You said that they’re trying to penetrate the surface of this planet. What are they using to try to penetrate it?

L: What are they using?

A: Yes, you said that they’re trying to penetrate it. What are they using?

L: They’re like using their hands. They’re like claws.

A: They have claws? 

L: Yeah, they have claws.

A: With these claws are they able to dig in deep?

L: Yeah, they’re at the top still, because the ground of the planet is trying to remain. Because the planet is like, mutable.

A: The planet is what?

L: It’s like mutable. It feels, but it’s slower to respond.

A: I am trying to ensure I understand what you just said. Are you saying that the planet is responding to them digging?

L: It’s trying to repair itself as they like, yeah.

A: So they’re digging and this planet is repairing itself.

L: Mm-hmm.

A: Good. Is it many of these beings or a few?

L: A few. Just like five of them.

A: Would you say they’re pretty strong with those claws that they’re digging with?

L: Yes.

A: Keep moving time. Tell me what happens as they continue to dig.

L: It seems like the planet has some trees and it seems like they’re breaking the trees. 

A: Who’s breaking the trees?

L: And they’re trying to weaken the planet.

A: Those beings are breaking the trees? How are they breaking them?

L: With their claws.

A: You mean like cutting them down? 

L: Yes.

A: The way to get through that planet is to cut the trees down? Is that what you’re saying?

L: They’re trying to weaken the planet.

A: So to weaken the planet, they’re cutting the trees down to do that. Oh wow. What does that feel like when they cut those trees down? Can you feel that?

L: Yes.

A: Describe what that feels like. Do you hear or sense anything when they do that to the trees?

L: Yeah, sadness (starts to cry)…Because now the planet has to be repaired and it then won’t be able to shield itself.

A: Keep moving the scene and tell us, when you’re ready, what happens next of importance.

L: It feels like there are beings within the planet.

A: Inside the planet?

L: Mm-hmm.

A: Tell me about these beings inside the planet.

L: Feels like…I’m getting like pastel colors.

A: How do you know that there are beings inside the planet? 

L: I just felt them.

A: You feel them inside the planet?

L: Yes, I just knew.

A: Do you feel that they’re positive or negative?

L: I feel like they’re positive.

A: Are you able to connect to them? Connect to them and see what they tell you. What messages do they have?

L: There are some barriers.

A: Where?

L: I’m trying to hear what they’re saying, but there are some barriers.

A: Okay, you’re not able to hear them. Let’s see if we could get through some of those barriers organically. See if we’re able to connect to them. We love you, honor you and respect you. Do you have any messages for us? We can communicate here in whichever form you’re able to.

L: I’m getting something about singing.

A: Keep moving time, let’s see what happens next. So you sense that these beings inside the Earth that are inside the planet are benevolent.

L: They’re connected to the whale.

A: Whales?

L: Yes, they’re connected to the whales. The skin of the planet is like a tree bark but it also resembles the skin of a whale.

A: Beautiful. What do these beings look like? What’s inside?

L: They’re like a pastel green. They’re tall and skinny pastel green beings.

A: So you feel that there is a song within these beings and also the skin bark of the planet is like a whale?

L: Yes, and they carry water.

A: There’s water inside?

L: Yes, they carry water.

A: Okay, there’s water inside the planet.

L: They carry the water. 

A: Which ones? The tall beings carry the water? 

L: Yes.

A: How do they carry it?

L: It’s part of their bodies.

A: Is it infused within them, or are they the water?

L: Yes, it’s like they’re the water.

A: Do you feel that there’s a lot of them in there, inside the planet?

L: Yeah, yes.

A: So tell me, what are they doing as these negative entities are trying to penetrate their planet?

L: They’re just depending on the planet to keep them safe.

A: Is there any way that they assist the planet to keep rebuilding and regenerating as they’re trying to dig through it?

L: Yes, they try.

A: Is there anything that they do to assist the planet?

L: It seems like they nourish the planet from the inside with their bodies and their hands. They’re giving the planet water.

A: Keep moving time. Tell us what ends up happening.

L: They get deeper and if they get deeper, then the beings have to flood the planet and then their bodies will disappear.

A: Why do you think they’re trying to dig in?

L: They’re trying to get the information and knowledge. Something within the water beings.

A: Do you think they’re after the beings inside of there?

L: Yes.

A: Keep moving time. As they continue to dig, tell me what happens.

L: I’m trying to distract them so that they don’t continue to dig into the planet.

A: What do you do?

L: I put something in the air.

A: What is it, what do you put in the air?

L: It’s similar to a bird.

A: Describe it.

L: It has wings, it has a beak, and it has a body.

A: Why do you do this? Does it work? Does it distract them?

L: Yes, it does distract them. It does distract them for some time.

A: While they’re distracted, what happens? Are you able to assist the planet?

L: It can’t repair itself fast enough, because they are taking apart its trees.

A: Keep moving time. What happens next?

L: They get deep enough that the beings have to flood the planet.

A: Tell me what that looks like. You’re able to see all the details. They get deep enough, so if you could explain, basically they get through the bark…

L: The beings that are inside of the planet join together, and their hands go outwards towards where they were digging. And as they reach outwards, as their hands go outwards, it becomes a body of water. They do this to stop them from getting the information, so they flood the planet. They cover the planet in water, including the beings that are there.

A: What happens to the beings?

L: They turn into water.

A: They become the actual water that engulfs and floods the planet? 

L: Mm-hmm.

A: What about the negative entities? What happens to them?

L: They turn into water.

A: They also turn it into water?

L: Yes.

A: And what happens to you?

L: I kind of float in the air.

A: When the wave comes through, do you begin to float in the air?

L: I can just stay in the air.

A: What do you do next after you watch this planet protect itself and turn into water? Does it still stay as a planet?

L: Yes, it’s turning into something else. It’s going to take some time to rebuild, but it’s going to be completely different.

A: To confirm, these beings don’t cease to exist, they just become part of the water.

L: It seems like they don’t cease to exist, but they can’t separate themselves anymore. They can’t be like the beings that they were inside of the planet.

A: Now that you’ve seen this happen to this planet, what do you do next, now that you’re floating in the air?

L: It seems like now I’m calling on something to help the planet rebuild. Once the negative beings aren’t there anymore, I call on them to help in the rebuilding process of the planet.

A: Do they respond? 

L: Yes.

A: How do you know that they respond?

L: I see them arriving and looking at the planet.

A: What do they look like?

L: They don’t necessarily have bodies. They’re more like energies.

A: What does their energy look like? Do they have any colors?

L: They look like wings?

A: Ask them if there is a name that we would know them as.

L: They’re something like fairies? Something like that but I don’t think it’s exactly that.

A: Beautiful. We thank them. Now that they are there, what is it that they’re doing?

L: So now they’re directing the water into different places. Into the ground and  into trees and crystals.

A: Are  the trees and the crystals on the same planet? Or is this something outside of the planet?

L: Yes, it’s on the planet.

A: What’s going on as they’re directing the water to these crystals and trees?

L: The planet is starting to change. It’s starting to rebuild itself. It looks like Earth. Or starting to look similar to Earth.

A: Fast forward time to when something else important happens on this planet. 

L: I just sense joy.? 

A: Joy from where?

L: From the planet.

The Higher Self is called forth.

A: Beautiful. Let’s leave that life now. You’re moving away from those beings there… Can I please speak to the Higher Self of Lisa?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Am I speaking to Lisa’s Higher Self now?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Thank you. I love you, honor you and respect you for all the aid you’ve given us today. I know that you hold all the records to Lisa’s different lives. May I ask questions, please?

Higher Self: Sure.

A: Thank you. If you could, tell us why you took her to this planet? What was the purpose?

Higher Self: She always feels separate from the Earth and I took her there so that she could see her connection to the water on the Earth.

A: She mentioned that it started looking like Earth. Was this an Earth?

Higher Self: Yes. It’s another version of the Earth. There are different kinds of Earths. There’s more than one Earth.

A: Yes, thank you. Who was she? The being that was kind of floating and dropping in?

Higher Self: It was a being.

A: Is that what she does? She floats around and drops in?

Higher Self: Yes (chuckles). She likes planets, so she visits different planets and communicates with them and then becomes planets for a little bit and helps to create the stars. It’s like her body is made of stars as well.

A: Does she travel around for joy or does she also do it to assist, like the fairy beings? Does she connect to them or work with them?

Higher Self: Yes, she connects with them and she does it for joy as well.

A: Wonderful. She explained that they were energy, but there were wings. Who were those beings?

Higher Self: They’re similar to Angels.

A: Why did she say, “like fairies?”

Higher Self: Oh, I thought you were speaking of the one she sent into the sky.

A: The one she sent into the sky to distract the (negative beings). Is that what you’re talking about?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: They were Angels?

Higher Self: It was one similar to an Angel, not with the same level of maturity.

A: So it was like a younger Angel. Is that what you mean?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Okay, all right. Then she called for assistance to help with the planet, and the group that came she thought had wings and were maybe fairies?

Higher Self: Yes, they’re like fairies.

A: Why was it that fairies came to assist the planet?

Higher Self: Because they’re part of the planet and they can’t exist without the planet.

A: Now going back to where she originally landed, there were entities that were digging. What were these entities? Is there a race for them?

Higher Self: They’re Reptilians, but I can’t say the exact race.

A: It’s interesting that they were digging with their claws, because typically when we find planets, they usually use technology to try and dig into the planets. So why is it that they were not using technology? Why were they using their claws instead?

Higher Self: This Earth was too strong for their technology.

A: Thank you. So what you’re saying is that their technology would not have worked to dig into the planet?

Higher Self: Mm-hmm.

A: Is it partly because it was artificial and that planet was strongly organic?

Higher Self: Mm-hmm.

A: So it wasn’t compatible?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: These beings inside the planet, what dimension were they operating before they expanded themselves into water?

Higher Self: Seven.

A: Can you tell me more about these beings? It’s interesting how they connected to the planet, and that she said felt like whale skin. Can you explain that further please?

Higher Self: The whale is connected to the planet and it was the…the whale was birthed from the collective of beings.

A: Now, what happened to these beings? I know she mentioned that when these beings turned into water, that they could never come back to their original form. Can you tell us more about that?

Higher Self: Yes. They can’t separate after they’ve become a body of water. They just unite as a collective.

A: Is this an example of how water can create itself?

Higher Self: You can say that.

A: Would you say that this is something that was organically planned? Or was that an infringement from a negative entity trying to harm them?

Higher Self: What was?

A: Like what occurred with their planet. Did that need to happen? Was this organic, or was there something compromising, infringing on it?

Higher Self: There was something infringing upon it, but then it went back to its organic flow. 

A: It’s beautiful how creation does that even if there is infringement. It can still reconstruct itself to something with that very same energy. It can create itself into something beautiful, as well.

Higher Self: Yes and it can evolve. It still evolves.

A: Thank you for answering all those questions. Is there anything else you’d like for her to know about this life?

Higher Self: The planet, this Earth, is always open to communicating.

A: Beautiful. Would they give us the honor to be able to speak to this planet?

Higher Self: Sure.

A: Thank you. If you could please allow this planet to connect to you and see what messages they have for us. We’d like to speak to you now, please.

Earth: Okay.

A: Greetings!

Earth: Hello.

A: Thank you, your energy is so beautiful. It’s such an honor to be connecting to you today. May we ask you questions, please?

Earth: Yes.

A: Thank you. Do you have any messages for us?

Earth: Honor the water that is inside of you and around you. The water that you can see, and don’t see. Honor from your heart. Your heart has a song.

A: You say your heart has a song?

Earth: Yes. 

A: What do you mean by that? 

Earth: The beat of your heart; your heartbeat.

A: Beautiful. Our heartbeat can be like rhythm, huh?

Earth: Yes, it is the rhythm.

A: Like a beautiful song, thank you.

Earth: And let the water heal you. It has that ability. If you allow it to connect to your heart, if you don’t block it, if you allow your heart to direct the water. 

A: Beautiful, thank you. And as far as the whale energy that we felt, how is that connected to your planet?

Earth: The whale carries the energies of our planet.

A: Oh, beautiful. Do you mean the whales on our Earth?

Earth: Mm-hmm.

A: Okay.

Earth: They carry the joy.

A: Yes, that’s exactly how you felt when you came in. Your energy, just like this infinite joy. Thank you. So you say the whales connect to your planet. They carry your planet’s energy? Is that what your planet does for our Earth? You assist through the whales in our sea?

Earth: Yes.

A: Okay. 

Earth: They try to raise the joy within the planet and spread it.

A: That’s so beautiful, thank you. We are thankful for all of that. The Earth really does need joy.

Earth: And your heartbeat connects to the song of the whales. If you allow, they can reach your hearts because they reach the whole planet. There isn’t anything that they don’t sense or can’t feel on your planet.

A: Wow, that’s amazing. We’re going to ensure, all of us here I’m sure, to now connect our heart, the beat of our heart, to the whales’ songs. Thank you, what a beautiful message. We forget how everything on Earth is all intertwined. Like the whales and the birds and the trees. And I love the example that was shown where they were cutting the trees down and there was so much pain coming out from that, huh?

Earth: Mm-hmm.

A: Also, I think it really helped clarify why they’re always trying to cut our trees down on Earth and how painful it is to cut down even just one tree.

Earth: Yes because the trees help the vibration from the whales connect to our breath, the breath, the air.

A: The consciousness that we’re speaking to now, through this planet, are you the beings that were inside the planet before they turned to water and spread out everywhere?

Earth: Yes.

A: Would you say that the forms of the whales are like your avatar vessels that we see here on Earth?

Earth: Yes.

A: So then you’re the embodiment of those beings. Those are your vessels here on Earth and the way that you’re assisting Earth?

Earth: Yes.

A: Beautiful. That is so beautiful and so needed. And this beautiful joy that you’re speaking of with such purity, you embody. Unfortunately, humans, the bad ones, kill whales often and do all sorts of things.

Earth: It’s okay, we multiply. 

A: Explain that, how do you multiply?

Earth: Well the water, we just exist within the water.

A: So you’re never-ending. You’re constant. Is that what you’re saying?

Earth: Yes.

A: Beautiful.

Earth: That was part of the creation of the Earth to have something that was never-ending, so that it can return to its organic state.

A: Wow. You have such wisdom. Is there any other wisdom that you’d like to share with us before we begin her body scan?

Earth: Use your voices.

A: Thank you.

Earth: Thank you. It’s also connected to movement and dance. And you’ll be able to multiply yourselves.

A: Amazing. Do you mean that when we dance we can feel the rhythm of the water around us, inside of us, and inside Earth?

Earth: Yes, and it can help you regenerate, because like the Earth that is within us, within you, it multiplies and is never-ending as well, for as long as you inhabit your body.

A: Thank you. Wow, such beautiful alchemy tools and knowledge you’ve given us today on how we can really work within ourselves and also heal Earth. Thank you for that.

Earth: Thank you.

A: It is such an honor to speak to you. Such a beautiful energy that you are. I love you with all that I AM. Thank you.

Earth: I love you. Thank you.

A: Thank you. Can I please speak to her Higher Self now?

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Thank you Higher Self for showing us such a needed session within this time and space. Amazing.

Higher Self: Yes, we love you, and the Earth loves you too.

A: (laughes) Thank you. And I, we, love you. So at this point Higher Self, can we begin her body scan, please?

The Body Scan begins.

Higher Self: Yes.

A: Do you need any assistance from the Archangels or any other benevolent beings?

Higher Self: If the water beings can help, that would be great.

A: Beautiful, then we call forth for their assistance. I’ll just talk to the both of you as a collective, thank you. All right, if you could please begin her body scan now, scanning for any negative energies, entities, anything that is not part of her that we need to heal first.

Water Collective: Her abdomen.

A: What kind of entity is that? Earthbound, Reptilian or Archon?

Water Collective: It’s a mix of a Reptilian and an Archon.

A: Is it a kind of a hybrid?

Water Collective: Mm-hmm.

A: Let’s continue with both of those symbols which is adequate for both beings. Let me know when it’s contained.

Water Collective: It’s contained.

A: Thank you. Let’s continue finding all of them and containing them. Where else does she have entities?

We find several more entities, as Reptilians, earthbound entities. They agree to spread their light and positive ascend. 

A: Thank you. Continue scanning her. Where else?

Water Collective: In her leg. It’s technology.

A: What kind of technology is it? Is that an implant, hook, portal or something else?

Water Collective: It’s a portal.

A: Can you all close that portal now, please?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Let us know when it’s closed.

Water Collective: It’s closed.

A: Thank you. Can we have you all start filling in Love-Light in that area where that portal was at, please. Start healing it. When did that portal come in?

Water Collective: When she was five.

A: What happened to her then that allowed for this portal to come in?

Water Collective: It was sexual trauma.

A: Can we start healing that trauma for her now please?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Anything else we need to know about the sexual trauma?

Water Collective: No, it tampered with her memory but that’s all.

A: Higher Self repair whatever needs to be repaired there with that trauma, please. Let’s continue scanning her. Where else does she have entities?

Water Collective: Her knee.

A: What’s in her knee?

Water Collective: A Reptilian. 

A: Let’s contain that one again. Let me know when it’s contained.

Water Collective: It’s contained.

A: Tell me how did that come in?

Water Collective: It was right after she was born.

A: What was going on with her that allowed for this to be there?

Water Collective: Trauma within the womb..

A: Did it have something to do with her mother?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Okay, very good. We’re healing that area there. So I want to find all the entities and then we can start talking to them. Is there anywhere else that she has entities?

Water Collective: No.

A: Good. Scan her DNA and her spine right now. I want to make sure she doesn’t have any negative fractals posing as her. Let me know, does she have anything?

Water Collective: Seems like she has something.

A: What kind of entities are integrated into her DNA?

Water Collective: I can’t quite pinpoint it. 

A: Is it organic or artificial?

Water Collective: It’s artificial.

A: Let’s go ahead and use the symbols there for the artificial and let’s start neutralizing the artificial within her DNA that no longer serves her, with the Higher Self’s permission. Can we do that? Bringing the artificial back to its organic root formation.

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Good, start working on her DNA, thank you. Now that we removed the Archon from within you (artificial), can you tell us what happened? Can you go back in time and tell us when the Archon integrated into you or became a part of you?

Reptilian: Yes, we were used. We were used. 

A: Do you remember how this Archon became a part of you?

Reptilian: I just remember the abduction and the experimentation.

A: Okay, thank you. And you were originally a Reptilian when you were abducted. Is that what you’re saying?

Reptilian: Yes.

A: Very good. Do you have a Reptilian body somewhere else?

Reptilian: No.

A: No, you’re just a consciousness. All right, very good. You heard the other consciousness. We’re getting–

Reptilian: I feel an Earthbound-ness connected to me.

A: Oh, okay. So you feel Reptilian, but also Earthbound?

Reptilian: Yes. 

A: Hmmm…Let me speak to her Higher Self for this, please.

Reptilian: Okay.

A: I’m speaking to the Water Beings and the Higher Self. 

Water Collective: Yes.

A: What does it feel like? It’s Reptilian, but also Earthbound. Can you explain that?

Water Collective: There was a lower vibrational Earthbound child that was used. They took advantage of the child’s vibration. 

A: So, is this a Reptilian or is it a child?

Water Collective: Yes, a child.

A: Yes, I sense that there’s something changing. It’s been like that for such a long time, I think it’s having a hard time. So you all can communicate what it actually is? Good, so it’s a child and he said that he felt like he had been abducted.

Water Collective: Mm-hmm.

A: Can you explain that further?

Water Collective: Yes, the child was taken and used.

A: Where did they take him from?

Water Collective: The period of the mom. From being in the mother’s womb, when the mother didn’t have a guard.

A: So they took the consciousness from the mother’s womb before it was born?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Did the mother experience a miscarriage? 

Water Collective: No.

A: How did she not experience a miscarriage if they took the consciousness from inside her womb?

Water Collective: Because it’s able to leave and return.

A: Is it a piece of the consciousness?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Oh, so it’s like a fractured piece of the consciousness from the soul inside the mother’s womb?

Water Collective: Mm-hmm.

A: He said he was abducted. Did they do this from her womb, abducting him?

Water Collective: Mm-hmm. And then it just continued when the baby was born.

A: What continued?

Water Collective: The abductions.

A: Did they continue to fracture the soul that was born? Is that what you’re saying?

Water Collective: Yes.

A: Mmm, wow (breathes). Is that within this time and space? Or another time and space?

Water Collective: Another time and space.

A: It seems like this soul that they started doing experiments on, they fractured it much then.

Water Collective: Mm-hmm.

A: What can we do to assist this soul, for it not to be so fractured anymore?

Water Collective: Bring it into wholeness with love and light.

A: Do you need any assistance from the Angelics for this?

Water Collective: Michael.

A: Let’s call forth Michael now, please. Michael, brother?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Greetings brother. We love you, honor you and respect you. Thank you for being here. I know you heard all that is going on with making this soul whole and bringing all those pieces back.

AA Michael: Yes.

A: How many times did they fracture it?

AA Michael: Twenty three.

A: What’s the purpose, Michael? Why were they fracturing it? What do they get out of that?

AA Michael: Experimentation and hybrids.

A: Mmm wow. What ended up happening to that child whose soul was being fractured?

AA Michael: It grew, but it grew into more than one person. So they’re within the loop, but their Higher Self, I’m sensing, is ready to offer their assistance.

A: You mean they fractured it and made clones of it in several people. Is that what you mean?

AA Michael: In a sense, yes.

A: As you’re looking for these twenty three, where are you finding them? Are they in different parts…?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Where are they?

AA Michael: They’re in different areas of the Earth.

A: So there’s a team working with that soul now and trying to repair it?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Do you need any assistance from Raphael?

AA Michael: No.

A: Okay, thank you. So as you continue to work with that beautiful child’s soul, we send our love (takes a deep breath), thank you. All right, as you’re making it whole once more, and as you continue to do that, let’s start healing her neck from the damage from the Archon/Earthbound entity.

AA Michael: Okay.

A: Thank you. And while you are working on that, let’s talk to the Earthbound entity in her back.

AA Michael: Mm-hmm.

A: If you can help it come up Michael, please. I’d like to speak with it now.

AA Michael: It’s part of the twenty three.

A: Did it fracture itself into two, or is there more of it inside of her?

AA Michael: No, just two.

A: Then let’s continue to make it whole once more, thank you. And then heal the neck and back where those entities were located. Michael, can you tell us how they fractured the soul? What did they use to do that? Maybe you could explain to us by taking us through the timeline. He mentioned he was in his mother’s womb when he started to become fractured, and there was some kind of abduction. Begin from there.

AA Michael: From the mother’s womb, they started to tap into the consciousness and then when the baby was born, they continued to abduct the child through the age of like, four.

A: So as a parent, if the mother knew about shielding would she have been able to stop it?

AA Michael: Yes, it’s just the vibration.

A: She just didn’t know, yeah.

AA Michael: The vibration and the grief. There was grief and anger in the mother.

A: The grief and anger was a matching vibration, is what you’re saying, to the abduction of the child?

AA Michael: Yes.

A: Michael, brother, how often do you feel that we will run into this, where souls are fractured in this manner? Does this happen often Michael, on Earth, to children with parents who don’t know how to shield them?

AA Michael: Yes, but it happens more so within the ages of five through twelve.

A: We know that they give them all the shots, especially at twelve years old. The shot that makes them become bipolar and have depression. Is there anything you’d like to say about the specific shot they get when they’re twelve? They seem like they get out of control and they call it being ‘boy crazy’ or ‘girl crazy’, but we know that it’s just the shot affecting them.

AA Michael: Yes and it’s a by-product of what had been happening before that. But once these fractals become whole, it impacts the abductors. It impacts them and it causes a ripple effect.

A: Good, so as we’re healing this one, it’s going to ripple out and assist the others.

AA Michael: Yes.

A: That’s beautiful, thank you. Is it because we’re bringing it into awareness?

AA Michael: Yes, and it is the wholeness of it. When a being is whole, reaching wholeness, it impacts the abductors and makes them want to evolve. 

A: So it also heals them?

AA Michael: Yes. 

A: Wow! That’s amazing. Thank you, what a beautiful session. Okay, so I know you are all working on that, so let us know once the child’s soul is put back together. While you continue to do the body scan, at the beginning of the session, why was she in a wall/cube thing when she was on that version of Earth? What was that about? From when she saw those beings that were digging. Why was she initially in the cube?

AA Michael: Because she didn’t want to see it.

A: She placed herself in the cube since she didn’t want to see it?

AA Michael: Mm-hmm.

A: It has been such an honor. Thank you Michael, Raphael, Azrael, and the beautiful whale consciousness beings on the planet, and for your assistance to Earth. Thank you for these beautiful messages. Thank you for assisting in her healing. Is there anything else that I could have asked that I haven’t?

Higher Self: No.

A: Beautiful.

Higher Self: All right Higher Self, is it okay if I bring her back now?

A: Yes.

Higher Self: Thank you.



What a magnificent planet! The beauty and power of how it was able to heal and regenerate at will, as these entities scraped and penetrated its organic skin and soil. Reminding us how all life forms in this Universe are created with this self-healing, regenerating ability. Bridging forth such a clear understanding in how our Earth, and other planets, truly are an organic organism working as ONE, having the power to be able to protect itself from harm, as these negative entities intended for it. The perseverance to prevail, no matter the opposition. For all life in this Universe is this very alchemy, in a continual shift and expansion of consciousness. Even when we might think that we are facing strong obstacles, as these beings faced in this circumstance, the divine way and memory field that is carried through every creational cell membrane of this Universe will always prevail and rise up into transformation, for this is its very essence of life. We are children of the Phoenix, for THIS Universe is THE PHOENIX! The ability to be able to rebirth and create life from all endings and deaths. There is never truly an ending, only a rebirth! The key being that we must anchor infinite sovereignty of not giving up, and always knowing that all of the Divine Mother’s creation have this ability, as the alchemist that we are, being our mother’s children. Our mother who is the first ‘Alchemist of Creation,’ Divine Mother of Creation. 

This session reminded us strongly of how on Earth those who like to reign with power, like to focus on this inverted act of cutting Earth’s trees down. The negative polarized entities are well aware of the power the trees provide to Earth and its organic life, and how they are a constant pillar of the infinite light of Source, each and every one of them. They are as Source antennas that are always on, as they hold the purest light on Earth, besides the animals and children. For example, in this instance they knew that if they cut the trees down it would cause pain and weakness to the planet. It is as if limbs are being severed off a body, and a divine light source that is being violated. In the instance that this was occurring, you could feel the pain the planet felt when doing so, you could hear its silent screams as each tree was severed, and your heart ached for this plentiful planet to no longer feel this pain. The nature that surrounds us are all extensions and body parts of Mother Gaia. It is her seed being birthed and expressed in the infinite ways of her beauty. Nature is not to be violated and harmed. It is to be treated with the greatest love, respect and beauty that it truly is. For the natures within all planets provide us with sustenance, stability, and life force to thrive within us and outside of us. 

We also learned profoundly the strength of the creations of our Universe, such as these beings made of water, and our sovereign power of metamorphosis for it to thrive in organic flow. Though this attack occurred, the power of rebirth within our Universe channeled out through this planet, and we learned how dark matter can be alchemized and then turned into great beauty, as this race birthed into. Going from water beings to being the water itself in oneness; becoming the substance of the veins that give life to this planet. When we learn that nothing is stagnant within creation and it is as ever moving motion, then we learn how we, too, are in constant flow of transformation within our surroundings. As explained by the water beings, the water is our life-force and when we learn to beat our hearts to the motion and magical healing of the water, we become invincible beings, as this planet and its life. Always shifting in essence, therefore never becoming null. WE can choose to stand forth in our divine birthright of metamorphosis, into becoming divinely stronger and sovereign. 

I recently went for a walk in a forest preserve that felt like holy land. As I walked I connected to the trees that spoke to me. There was a section in the forest that felt like it was in pain, as its trees were heavily black and dead from the roots. It was as if poison had been fed into this section of the forest. It resembled burnt trees, however the burn was a radioactive substance that somehow was injected into the land of this part of the forest, and the roots of the trees took in this poison. There were trees, big and small, that had fallen over as their roots no longer contained life within, their roots looked like hardened burnt toast, a hollowed emptiness of life within the roots that once held the trunk and branches strongly. However the other parts of the forest looked prosperous. When I asked the trees what happened, they showed me a vision of how this happened to them while the government kept everyone locked up in their homes during the Covid-19 plandemic. An experiment in how to destroy the trees further, so that no one could see what they were doing. One of their service-to-self agendas that they simulated as they kept us away indoors. 

Why were their roots poisoned? This is something deeper than just cutting trees down. The reason why is because trees are life itself, and they provide a breath of oxygen for us on Earth, reminding us of this representation in creation that they are. In Book 1, Chapter 12, “The Leviathan” the dragons spoke of how the Creator at the beginning of creation first breathed life into a tree. Meaning “The Tree of Life”, this is what all trees represent for us. They are reminders of how they are sacred portals that bridge us to our sacred akashic records of the Universe. They are the memory field of all life in our creation. Therefore, when poisoning the land and roots of a tree, it is a form of black magic, and its intention is to feed this radioactive poison energetics into the Universes Tree of Life, maintaining the compromised civilizations and planets under tamed, clouded control. However this cannot be, for WE will not allow it. And, the way that WE won’t allow it, is simply by bringing it into our awareness, and many others awareness. The vastness in awareness that we create when we connect to the different natures of life around us, as I did with these trees, the stronger we become in heart discerning the inversion of the violations in nature. 

We learned of the emptied, cold, cruel intent of abductions on children, beginning from within the womb, and the hybrid experiments connected to them at their beginning stages of development. When we meet souls along our life path that seem so lost, this could be them. These diluted souls of hybrid experiments, as per example of the twenty three fractured soul pieces, in twenty three bodies that all came from one soul, fractured into many pieces. When a soul is this fractured, it becomes these hollowed humans that are so far gone that they seem un-assistable. They are souls that are walking around in illusional bodies that are only one piece of its divine fullness. How distorted would a human be if so? The answer is “extremely distorted”, being that, which part is missing from them? The ability to comprehend organic functions, such as empathy, love, compassion, self-love, honesty? This is one of the reasons why Earth has been at an extreme of distortions, because of these multiple, endless experiments the Archons have been directing in their inverted play, for what seems far too long. 

What percentage of humanity actually has their souls and DNA organically intact? This understanding opens a vastness of awareness to why it has been such a struggle to lift Earth and its people’s vibration. It is because humanity is fractured and has just not been at its highest, purest form of organic soul and DNA. We began to learn of these human DNA experiments in Book 1, Chapter 6, ‘The Annunaki Experiments’ in how it was that they wanted to keep these beginning human creations tamed and obedient by altering their genetic makeup. In Chapter * * we go further into when these negative polarized agendas began, when we meet the father of the Archons.

In infinite forms we are working on bringing these fractured souls back to wholeness, and with every soul brought back to organic, so too does Mother Gaia gain back and heal her distorted pieces within the inverted matrix blueprint. And, as mentioned by Archangel Michael in this chapter, when we bring these souls back to wholeness, so too do we assist the abductors in no longer having the need to play these negative polarized roles. In infinite ways throughout the Universe we heal them and assist them in freedom, by releasing them from this inverted role they are playing. As impossible as this may seem, we are now seeing the fruition of this divine manifestation as people stand up and fight for freedom in maintaining their DNA and soul intact, and we must continue to ride this wave now more than ever!

We have been speaking on our different Channels “Rising Phoenix Aurora” for over a year about the intentions of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID -19 Vaccine… and whatever vaccine they might try to launch after. How these vaccines are artificially programmed by the Archons, using man as their puppets to create it for them here in the physical third dimensional realm. Their archonic intention is to obtain access to our organic crystalline 12-strand DNA, and remove parts of the organic by instead inserting artificial biotech into the human makeup of the DNA strands. This intention is so blunty there, that ‘biotech’ is in the name of the vaccines. Another way to get people to consent to it, because in other words, they are consenting for biotech to be injected and infused into them, simply by the name being in its title in plain sight. Dark sorcery at its finest. These are forms in how they mask negativity as it is ‘common practice’, that then trains the mind to just agree to it, and when the mind agrees, so too does the consciousness, the soul. The people that have fallen prey to this delusion that these vaccines will ‘SAVE LIVES’, are consenting for this containment of their DNA and the A.I. compromise unto it. In other words, morphing the human genetics into becoming part artificial. And, when doing so, so too are they selling their soul away to the Archons, and agreeing to negative contracts by diluting the organic light within them, becoming part Archon. The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID -19 Vaccine and other forms of these Covid-19 vaccines truly are an infectious A.I. Archon virus that has been injected through many forms of infringements into parts of our Universe’s lifeforms, and it has now intently begun its spread into the human genome of our Earth, through injection. 

These are the beginning glimpses of humanity becoming part android. Though they will not prevail, as their artificial intentions are backfiring in the collective, being that they have accidentally awakened many, even the ones that we thought we couldn’t perhaps awaken. Though Covid-19 has been oppressing in many forms; however, because of the Universe’s natural ability of alchemy, this virus has alchemized a legion of people awakening to their sovereignty and power, by just simply saying “NO” to the vaccine. This vibration echoes out infinitely, and it is the exact vibration WE NEED to END THIS ARCHONIC WAR!!!

When mothers become pregnant they are energetically targeted by their supposed loved ones and friends. The Archons know that if a mother has grief, anger, sadness, that they become a matching vibration to the possibility of abductions or infringement of some kind on the baby they are cultivating and carrying. Who better than the people who are directly linked to the mothers, as they are the only ones energetically that can get to them because of their connection. They are targeted through their relationships and energetic cords they have connected to the mothers. A simple ill thought or intent from a family or friend directed towards the mother energetically can harm the child within the womb. Therefore, they are the first to be targeted for the ‘War on Consciousness’, against the incoming star children, here to assist Mother Earth’s organic bridging of timelines and the Universe’s, as well. 

This is also why a spouse has a higher percentage of cheating or just simply leaving the mother during this sacred time, because the Archons want to separate their sacred union. So, when the child is born, this infringing energetic separation is apparent, and an open wound to the mothers heart occurs, dimming her light, lowering her vibration down enough for access to infringement. Their goal is mothers not being at their highest vibrational crystalline light during the development of their baby, and especially during sacred birthing. In the Chapter “ “, “Plugged Into the A.I. Matrix At Birth” we will learn more on this topic, and how it is that babies are indoctrinated at birth into the Inverted A.I. Matrix system. 

Today, A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing Certification includes how to remove these A.I. vaccines from those who allowed for its injection into their human anatomy. The practitioners are trained in how to sacredly conduct an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session on a client that has had the different strands of A.I. Covid-19 vaccines injected. Through these sacred teachings the Higher Self of the client, in alliance with Archangels and Ascended Masters, are the bridge to these powerful healings. This allows the person/soul to self-heal and regenerate once more their organic DNA and all that has been artificially compromised within. It is an individual self-healing process, and it is not known how soon they are able to self-heal. Depending on the potency of the A.I. infringement, and the strength of the will of each soul, the healing can occur instantly, over a month’s time or throughout a year; always progressing at a rate divinely guided for the highest good of the individual. Their Higher Self and Ascended Masters, reversing in time and space the A.I. insertion and regressing back to organic life. Opening up the opportunity for those who have had this nano tech inserted to eradicate the A.I. within their DNA, repairing the DNA back to its organic crystalline twelve strands, severing the black magic bindings of selling their soul away to the Archons, and bringing the soul back – anchored organically, safely, once more into the physical vessel. In this beautiful  example that was gifted to us through this session, I felt and watched this A.I. compromised child’s soul resume its evolution into attainment of its Universel birthright of organic freedom. 

“Our consciousnesses are like trees. The trunk is the bridge and our ability to travel back and forth through the dimensions of Creation. Going down the trunk, we become as the roots of  ‘The Tree of Knowledge’ down the dimensions. Going up the trunk to the higher realms of ‘The Tree of Life’ we become as the branches and leaves, organically, infinitely, expanding out into fractals, multiplying into ‘Unity Consciousness’ throughout the Universe.”



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