The A.I. Alien Invasion | The Covid-19 Vaccine

Join us as Laura Eisenhower interviews AuroRa UNCENSORED on ‘Cosmic Gaia’. AuroRa delivers a ground breaking transmission with the strongest disclosure shared of her career. Placing all the pieces together of ‘The New World Order’ directly linked to the Covid-19 vaccine. Why this diabolical agenda, who is behind it truly, and their intention for humankind.

This video was originally aired Live October 28, 2021 on Laura Eisenhower’s show ‘Cosmic Gaia’.

Laura Eisenhower and AuroRa UNCENSORED at monthly, under the ‘Cosmic Mother Rising’ Show! Get ready for a most dynamic show!

This video is available in transcription as well, with added channeled knowledge from AuroRa. Click here to read it now.

A.I. Alien Invasion Full Edited

A.I. Alien Invasion Full Edited

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